Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, please e-mail the IT Service Center ( or call us at 312-534-5227.

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I know I can shut down and restart from Start, Shutdown, but how do I log off or switch users?

To log off or switch users, open your start menu and click the name of the currently logged in user at the top of the start menu. Choose the desired option from that menu.

How do I access my e-mail from the web?

Visit Log in using your FULL email address and network password. Once there, you can access your Mail and other Office Online tools.

I receive an error when I try to attach a file to an email message.

The Outlook post office can only transfer items that are 25 MB in size or less. This is BOTH ways (receiving AND sending). If you are trying to distribute a single file that is over 25 MB, you will need to use the ServU file-sharing application or another method to delivery the file. (This limitation is NOT something we have control over.)

How can I access my work email on my smart phone/tablet?

Simply install the Outlook app available from your device's online store. You use your email address and network password to connect. (Note: You MUST encrypt the storage on your phone to use Outlook on your device. Depending on the amount of data on your phone, this could take several hours.)

How much online storage space do I get?

Our Office 365 subscriptions provide 1 TB of cloud storage for each user. This is over 200 DVDs worth of data.

What will happen with the items currently in GroupWise?

Items in your GroupWise mailbox will be copied to your Outlook mailbox.

How do I detach the screen from my Surface Book?

On your surface book, press the Detach button (near the upper-right on the keyboard). Once it has detached, you can separate the screen from the keyboard. The screen should come off easily. DO NOT FORCE IT!  (If the Surface has no power, you will NOT be able to detach the screen.)

Where can I download training materials?

Right here! The Full manual includes additional information that was NOT in the manual provided during training.

Will my e-mail address change?

No. You will continue to use your e-mail address.

Will I lose any files?

You should not lose any files as long as they are stored within your My Documents folder or a network drive (S or R drives). We will keep your old computer for 7-days after the upgrade. Beyond that, files that you didn't store in a backed-up location may be unrecoverable.

I'm having problems logging into

The old site uses our Novell authentication system and NOT our new Active Directory authentication. You can try logging in using the LAST password you used to log into GroupWise OR use our test forms site at

When do I stop using GroupWise to book a conference room and start using Outlook?

The cutover will happen at the end of the year. Beginning January 1st, use Outlook to book conference rooms. If you are unable to book or cancel a conference room, you should call the receptionist at x8200 so they can book/cancel the room for you.

What about my files?

We'll be copying files from your Favorites, Desktop, Documents, Music, Videos and Pictures folder.

What about TRIM?

TRIM has been replaced with HP Records Management. However, we are NOT automatically installing/configuring the software for all of our users. If you used TRIM on a regular basis or would like the new software installed, please contact the IT Service Center at 312-534-5227 or If you need the TRIM/HP connections in your Outlook folders, please mention that when you call or email.

How do I use password self-service?

When you log into your Windows 10 computer, if you have NOT already enrolled in Password Self-Service, you will be prompted to enroll. (If you use a surface book, tap the Tab key when the self-service box pops up to access the Enroll button.)
Use the steps in document here to complete the enrollment process.
Enrolling in password self-service lets you reset/unlock your account on your own.

I saved my password for It's not on my new Windows 10 computer.

There is no way to transfer saved passwords from one computer to another. If this is a password for a system that is managed by IT, please contact the IT Service Center. Otherwise, use the forgot password link available on that website or contact the provider.

Why do I have duplicates of some e-mail messages?

While your mailbox is being migrated, new messages arrive in your GroupWise mailbox AND are forwarded to Outlook. During the actual migration process, you will have 2 copies of each item you receive during that time. You can simply delete the duplicate messages as desired.

How can I stop PDF files from opening with Edge?

Right-click a PDF file, choose Open With, Choose another app.
Choose Adobe Acrobat DC (or Adobe Reader DC) and check the box to always use this app to open .PDF files.

Edge? What is Edge?

Edge is another Microsoft web browser that will ultimately replace Internet Explorer. The Edge browser is available in the start menu. If a website doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer, try the Edge browser to see if it works there!

I'm using a Surface Book and my monitor keeps flickering.

Please call the IT Service Center at 312-534-5227. A software update needs to be applied to your dock and this should resolve the problem.

My mouse/display is jittering (Surface Book).

Make sure the stylus (pen) isn't near the touchpad.

I'm getting an error from OneDrive (file can't be uploaded).

Open the error message. It will display the files/folders that can't be uploaded to OneDrive and indicate why (invalid file name or too long of a filename and path). Rename a file, removing all punctuation in the name and/or shorten the file/folder names to resolve. If a file isn't uploaded to OneDrive, it will NOT be backed up.

I don't see all of my appointments and e-mails in Outlook.

It can take some time to migrate all of your items into Outlook....hours in some cases. Your GroupWise account is still available via Log in using your OLD password that we provided.

Outlook doesn't see my GroupWise Address Books -- Frequent Contacts and the one with my name.

Contacts folders created outside of Outlook are NOT automatically searched as Address Books. One solution is to simply select the entries in your Frequent Contacts (use Ctrl-A to select all) and other books and to move them into your Contacts folder.
You can also change the properties of other Contacts folders to that Outlook will treat those as Address Books. Right-click the desired Contacts folder and choose Properties. Add a checkmark to the option under Outlook Address Book.

Adobe Acrobat Pro - I don't have this on my new computer? Can I get it?

Sure...but Acrobat requires an $80 license paid by your department and Windows 10 has the ability to create PDFs from any program you can choose a windows printer with (Print, Microsoft Print to PDF).

If any of the following conditions apply to you, then you will need Adobe Acrobat DC.
- You need to scan directly to PDF and don't have other software that will do this.
- You create fillable PDF forms.
- You combine multiple files into a single PDF.
- You edit PDF files.

To request Adobe Acrobat DC, email

I can't use distribution lists in an address book that was shared to me in GroupWise.

We were surprised to find that the migration tool would migrate address books that were shared by other GroupWise users. While individual contacts get migrated, groups did NOT. If you OWN the address book, your groups get migrated.  Shared address books only migrate individual entries to other users (and are copies).

How do I connect my Surface to a projector or TV?

You will need a mini display port to VGA adapter to connect to a projector and mini display port to HDMI to connect to a TV.  If you are using the ceiling projectors at Quigley or Meyer, you may borrow an adapter from Maintenance. If you need to purchase adapters, please contact the IT Service Center (


Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro - I don't have this on my new computer? Can I get it?

Sure...but Acrobat requires an $80 license paid by your department and Windows 10 has the ability to create PDFs from any program you can choose a windows printer with (Print, Microsoft Print to PDF).

If any of the following conditions apply to you, then you will need Adobe Acrobat DC.
- You create fillable PDF forms.
- You combine multiple files into a single PDF.
- You edit PDF files.


Who do I contact about technical issues?

Please direct all technical issues and questions to the IT Service Center. You can call us at 312-534-5227 or e-mail us at Standard hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you call after hours, you can either leave a voice-mail or escalate your issue if it's urgent.

It's taking too long for my issue to be resolved. What can I do?

Please call the IT Service Center again and reference your work order.  It's possible that your request has gotten "buried" in the list of requests or that the technician thought your situation was satisfactorily resolved.

If you still feed you aren't getting adequate support, ask that your ticket be escalated to a manager.

Can I call or e-mail a specific member of your team directly?

Unless a technician has asked you to call or e-mail back regarding a specific open issue, you should always direct your issues to the IT Service Center.

By calling the IT Service Center, a work order will be opened and it will be assigned to an available technician who can resolve your issue.

E-mailing or leaving a voice-mail could prolong the amount of time it takes to resolve your issue.


Our department has a new employee/temp/volunteer. Can they log into the network?

Everyone who logs into the Pastoral Center computer network must have their own user ID (policy 801.1.1).  This includes temporary employees and volunteers.

To request an account, visit the Forms Request Website and fill out a request for a  New User.  Depending on the access needed, it can take 3-5 days to create the account.

You should submit your requests as soon as possible.

Can I let someone else log in with my username and password?

No!  Archdiocesan policy strictly prohibits this.

Everyone who logs into the Pastoral Center network must do so with their own username and password.  Fill out a New User request at