Nortel (Avaya) Phone Basics

Enhanced Phone Directory Feature

Available immediately to all users of the Pastoral Center VoIP system, the "enhanced" Directory service is now back on line. This service allows you to find and dial numbers of all employees listed in the Lawson system that have a phone number listed, not just those in phones defined to our VoIP phone system.
The enhanced directory is available by pressing the blue "Expand" key to the right of the keypad. Use the center navigation buttons to highlight the "Directory" icon and then press the "center" button of the navigation tool to open the directory.
This directory is easier to use because you only need to press each key once to spell out the name that you seek, and the phone continuously updates the screen with possible names you're looking for. When the name you seek is visible, use the navigation control to highlight it, then press the center button on the navigation control to select it.
If the information, then displayed, is for the person you seek, use the navigation control to highlight which number, of those present, that you would like to dial. Then, press the center button and then the button below the "OK", that will appear on the screen, to dial the number. Below is a video prepared by Dave Prentice, expaining the use of the product. It is best viewed in "Full-Screen" mode (once running, mouse over video to reveal menu bar at bottom, then click "4-corner" shapped icon at extreme right of menu bar)
To insure that the directory continues to be of value to all users, be sure to verify that your information is correct and, if not, you can add or change your number via the Employee Directory web page. (Click on START button, click on "Archdiocesean Links", Click link next to "Employee Directory". Once on the page, search for your name and  verify the phone number and change it, if needed. The page is aware of your identity and will only allow changes to your information). 

Smart Devices

Mobile syncing services via smart devices are available for AOC GroupWise users with the authorization of their administrator (department director, pastor, or principal). For details on the syncing service available, authorization form, and considerations when syncing, please use the information links below.

Please note that users of the syncing service have no expectation of privacy and that the device will be wiped if that is a concern about the security of AOC information resident on the device arises. Users agree to hold the Archdiocese harmless in the event of a loss of personal information on the device. All syncing devices must be secured from unauthorized access via a pin, hardware or biometric means.

The Novell Data Synchronizer for Mobility is the product used to synchronize GroupWise mail, contacts and calendar items to a mobile device. First the GroupWise account must be reviewed to ensure the structural integrity of the GroupWise mailbox. Next, an engineer provisions the user account in the Novell Data Synchronizer for Mobility server. Finally, the mobile device is configured to use the ActiveSync protocol to synchronize GroupWise data to native device applications.

Reviewing the GroupWise mailbox requires a technician to inspect the GroupWise mailbox and verify there are no duplicate or misplaced folders within the GroupWise mailbox. Provisioning a user account in the Novell Data Synchronizer is a process initiated by an engineer. The time needed by the DataSync server to complete the provisioning process is dependent on the size of the mailbox. Once a user account has been provisioned, the device needs to be configured to synchronize to the DataSync server. A Microsoft Exchange syncing relationship is how the device needs to be configured for syncing to GroupWise.



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