Policies and Procedures

Standard Products List

Specific products for each of the core office functions and most vertical applications have been selected and standard installation package exist for each. The listing of current standard products is available using the link below.

Non-standard products require the approval of the department director AND the Director of the Office of Information Technology.  Once approved, it will be tested to ensure interoperability with existing products.

Requirements for non-standard software should be discussed with IT prior to purchase to avoid the possibility of the purchase of software that is problematic or non-supportable in our environment. Many times, past experience in various vertical software products allow OIT to identify a viable solution for needs without the need for prolonged testing or further research.

To ensure that we are at all times compliant with licensing regulations all original licensing documentation as well as original media disks or CD’s will be retained by OIT and also duplicated and stored off site to support disaster recovery needs.

Click here to view the Approved Software list.