Policies and Procedures


The OIT maintains agreements with key vendors to ensure availability of certified systems, software, and other IT components at the best prices.

User’s wishing to obtain new or updated hardware, software, or other components must first have the approval of their department head and then request requisitioning by contacting the OIT at 312-534-5227 and conveying their request. At this time a tracking ticket will be opened to handle the request. When needed, a staff member may call the user back to verify product information, and the best product for the user’s task.

IT will then determine the best price and delivery method for the product and prepare a requisition for the item on behalf of the user. Each requisition must be signed by the relevant department head, after which time a purchase order will be created for the designated item.

Once the product is received and configured or tested, the user will be contacted to arrange an installation time. After the product is installed or upgraded, the tracking ticket will be closed.

To avoid financial or data loss due to incompatible systems or hardware, departments and agencies must involve the OIT in the vendor or product selection process before attempting to provision services.

Services vendors are not allowed to perform services at locations supported as part of the Archdiocese Pastoral Center Network. Locations with networks not part of the AOC-PC network or standalone locations should contact the OIT to arrange for any services they require. Services will be performed by OIT staff or OIT approved vendors as needs require.