Policies and Procedures

New User IDs

Every user who connects to the Pastoral Center network needs their own User ID.  This includes any temporary employees and volunteers as well as new employees.

To begin the process of requesting an account, someone from the agency the new employee is working with needs to fill out a new user request on the web-site (https://forms.archchicago.org/).

The person filling out the request must have an account in the Pastoral Center's network and must be a full-time employee.  The person who is selected as the manager of the new employee needs to approve the request (they will receive e-mail notification of a pending account).  If the person filling out the request is also the new employee's manager, the request will automatically be approved.

The information that is provided about the employee is used to establish the permissions the employee will have and also is used for that person's information in the Novell GroupWise Address Book and the Pastoral Center phone directory.

Although user requests are usually completed within 24 - 48 hours, requesting managers should allow 7 days for the completion of new user ID requests or security level changes due to the highly segmented levels of security involved requiring the involvement of various members of OIT to complete the process.

If you forget to fill out a user request before the employee begins work, please contact the IT Service Center after you fill out the request so we can create the User ID as soon as possible.  Other permissions may take longer.