Policies and Procedures

E-Mail Delivery Times

Internal mail (Pastoral Center and connected locations) is available 24x7 unless there is scheduled maintenance or a system failure. Mail delivery within our internal system is almost instantaneous.

Internet e-mail has no guarantee of delivery, or guaranteed delivery interval. Mail flow across the Internet can involve crossing hundreds of networks before it reaches it’s intended delivery point. Some failing points save mail and forward once recovered which can delay delivery.

Problems with slow delivery of mail originating on our network to another person across the Internet should be reported to OIT who will verify whether it was sent, received, refused, or still in transit.

Problems with mail enroute to you from someone on another network should be reported to the sender for investigation on their end.

Most problems with delivery of e-mail are simply due to an incorrect e-mail address.  Depending on the nature of the problem, you may receive a non-deliverable notification right away or, in the worst case scenario, three days later.

If you try to send a message to an invalid post office (the part of the address after the @ symbol), you will receive a non-delivery message from the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA).

If you try to send a message to an incorrect mailbox (the part of the address before the @ symbol), you should receive a non-delivery message from the post office you sent the message to

If you try to send a message to a post office that is not responding, our mail system will try for up to 3 days to send the message. After the 3rd day, if the message still can't be delivered, you will receive a non-delivery message.

You can check the status of a message you send to another network by viewing the Properties of the Sent Item in GroupWise (switch to your Sent Items, double-click the message and click the Properties tab or choose File, Properties).  Any message that has been Transferred was sent to the receiving post office.  Any message with Transfer Pending is experiencing delivery problems, but is still trying to send.  Any message with Transfer Failed was NOT delivered.