Policies and Procedures

E-Mail Size Limitations

The Archdiocese, much like other organizations, has restrictions on the size inbound mail messages.

To protect against unplanned shortages of disk space on the mail servers and possible denial-of-service attacks, inbound mail messages are limited to 7MB in size. Messages larger than 7MB (the message plus any attachments) will be rejected. If you encounter problems with critical inbound mail attachments larger than 7MB which cannot be obtained through other means, contact the IT Service Center and we can investigate alternative methods or the possibility of a temporary lifting of the file size restrictions.

Although the Archdiocese does not limit on the size of outbound mail messages, your recipient’s mail system might.  If you plan to send someone a large file, you should check with them first to find out any size restrictions their mail system might have in place.

These restrictions don't affect message you send within our mail system.  However, large file attachments will quickly fill up your mailbox as well as the recipients' mailboxes.