Policies and Procedures

Mailbox Size Limitations

Users are encouraged to minimize the amount of mail retained within their mailboxes. The disk space requirements to use mail as a “filing cabinet” can be extreme and the shear volume of mail can negatively impact the ability to safely back it up and restore it in the case of a system failure.

Mailbox sizes for Pastoral Center network users are set to 50 MB after the user has attended New User Training.  The 50 MB storage includes all items you receive, send, move into your cabinet, post on your calendar, and place in the trash.  If you reach or exceed your mailbox size limit, you will still receive items but won't be able to send mail, reply to or forward messages, or add items to your calendar.

Users should clean out their mailbox on a regular basis.  Delete items that you no longer need (including Sent Items).  When you delete an item, it will be sent to your trash.  Empty your trash on a regular basis.

File attachments are the biggest culprit in eating up your mailbox space.  Whenever possible, save the attachment to your local drive (or shared drive when appropriate) so that you can delete the message and reclaim the mailbox space.