Policies and Procedures

File Attachments

You can include files along with the text of an e-mail message.  To prevent viruses from entering into our network, the following file types (extensions) can't be sent into our network (although you can send these files to other users of our e-mail system).

The blocked file types include:  .exe, .bat, .com, .cmd, .pif, .htm, .html, .php, .jse, .perl, .shs, .hta, .scr, .drv, .vbs, .eml, .zip and .gen. Other file types may be added as other files become "carriers" for viruses.

Zip files are quarantined (rather than discarded) since we can't automatically scan the contents of the zip file. If you are expecting a Zip file via e-mail, contact the IT Service Center so that we can manually scan the file and send it to you.