Policies and Procedures

Connections to Our Network

We have a constant problem maintaining the database of hardware and location, definitions. Occasionally, equipment ends up in other diocese locations where the device is not configured to work. Similar problems have occurred with PC's brought in from other locations.

Equipment not properly configured can cause undeterminable problems at the workstation level and possible network outages. The inability to locate a failing device, because it has been physically moved, or installed without permission, prolongs the time to problem resolution while we have to physically survey each network connection to identify the failing device.

For these reasons no equipment may be connected or disconnected from the network without the approval of IT.

Each user is responsible for ensuring that their use of modems or outside networks, where not already prohibited herein, does not compromise the security of the Archdiocese networks, systems, data, or operational abilities. This responsibility requires that users take every precaution to prohibit unauthorized access, the introduction or spread of viruses, and the creation of a security exposure.

All employees who become aware of misuse or violation of any IT policy have a positive duty to immediately report the incident to the Director of the Office of Information Technology.