Wireless Connections - Employee Owned Devices

Employees can NOT use the Wi-Fi connections in the conference rooms for their personal use.  Employees can use the Wi-Fi connections in the lunch rooms.  Login credentials for the AOC_LUNCH network are posted in the lunch rooms.

Wireless Connections - Guests

Vendors and other guests can access the internet via the AOC_GUEST network.  Archdiocesan equipment can NOT connect to this network.

Login information for the guest network is available from the receptionist.  Simply ask the receptionist for that day's login information.  If you need guest access for a weekend meeting (or early Monday meeting), you should get that information from the receptionist on Friday.

If you have a consultant working for an extended duration, you can request Long-Term Wi-Fi Access on the IT Forms website.  For the request to be processed, you MUST have booked the conference room for the duration of the request.  You can only request access for up to 30 days.  Remember, you can ALWAYS get the login information for that day from the receptionist.

Wireless Connections - Archdiocesan Laptops

Laptops provided by the Office of Information Technology that use our standard network image can use the AOC_SECURE wireless network available in the conference rooms.

To connect to the AOC_SECURE network:

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi adapter in the laptop (if necessary)
  • Click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray near the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Click the AOC_SECURE network option
  • Enter your network username and password when prompted
  • After you are connection, choose Start, All Programs, Force Logon Script to map network drives

NOTE: Only permanent employees are automatically granted access to the AOC_SECURE network. You must specifically request access for a temp or consultant via a Change User Request.


Wired Network Connection

Quigley and Meyer conference rooms with a standard telephone have wired connections to the PASTORAL_CENTER network.  Simply plug in a network cable from your computer (desktop or laptop) to the network jack on the back of the phone.  You can then log into your computer in the same way you do at your desk (and have access to all of the same resources).

Conference Room Projectors

Building Operations is responsible for the projectors in the large conference room at Quigley and Meyer. If you need to use the projectors, you should fill out a Maintenance Request Form.

The Office of Information Technology is NOT reponsible for the projection systems in the conference rooms.

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