For Departments and Agencies

All purchases of computers and computer-related items should originate through the Office for Information Technology (OIT). Consumables such as toner and paper are exceptions. These items may be procured through Office Services or directly through OfficeMax with a valid Purchasing Card.

If a department/agency wishes to make a purchase, a representative of the department/agency should contact the IT Support line at (312) 534-5227 and make a request for the product(s) to be purchased.
An OIT representative will contact the requesting party and assess the department/agency’s needs. Recommendations based on predetermined IT standards will be made to the department/agency. It is the responsibility of IT to supply prices and service quotes, so a quote is generated and submitted to the requesting party.
Once the items/services to be purchased are agreed upon and approved by the department/agency Director, OIT will initiate a purchase requisition. The approval should come in the form of a hard copy of the quote signed by the Director with the appropriate account number that is to be charged for the products or services to be ordered. This may be done via e-mail, but only if the Director of the requesting agency sends the approval and account number(s) from his/her Archdiocese of Chicago e-mail account.
OIT will then place the order with the vendor using a valid Purchasing Card. The items are billed back to the requesting party's account via the GE SAM on-line system that is used for billing transactions made with Purchasing Cards. A report is generated every month for all Purchasing Card transactions and a copy of the invoice for each transaction is included.
After the items arrive and are entered into the OIT inventory, the installation is assigned to a technician. The technician then contacts the requesting party to schedule a date to install and test the products that were purchased.

For Schools and Parishes

As an entity of the Archdiocese of Chicago, there are many discounts and purchasing agreements that are available to you.  Educational discounts on software, hardware, and peripherals can save you thousands of dollars.

The Archdiocese has a SELECT agreement with Microsoft.  Microsoft applications and operating system licenses may be purchased at a fraction of retail cost.  Purchases can be made through SoftChoice or CDW-G.  If you are interested in purchasing non-Microsoft products, educational discounts are available for most other products.

Brand-name hardware and peripheral devices can also be purchased at discounted prices.  In addition to saving money, you will also save time.  Our vendors understand our needs and local technical support is available for most hardware.

Common Software Prices

ProductCostAs Of
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 LICENSE55.004/28/2011
Microsoft Software Media25.004/29/2011
Command Anti-Virus (3-year subscription)15.0011/15/2006
When purchasing Microsoft Software, you need 1 license per computer you will install the software on. Make sure you purchase at least ONE copy of the media (so that you can actually install it). You do NOT need to purchase additional copies of the media, unless you want additional installation disks.


Please contact the Office of Information Technology at (312) 534-5227 for assistance with your next purchase. If you already know what you want to purchase, you may contact the appropriate vendor from the following list for a quote:
CDW-GHardware/Software(877) 853-0583Angela Collins
AuthentiumCommand Anti-Virus(800) 423-9147 x4137S. Atherton
TNS, Inc.Data/Network Cabling(847) 812-0889Mike Roeske
True Network SolutionsPrinter/PC/LAN Service(312) 656-4080Dave Klopak
Be sure to mention that you are with the Archdiocese of Chicago when requesting a quote or ordering hardware/software. Failure to do so may result in overlooked discounts.