Online Training

Video tutorials from are available to Archdiocesan employees with active Outlook accounts.

VTC has a huge library of tutorials covering a variety of products including Windows, Outlook and other Office applications.

If you are using Internet Explorer and only get "Loading the tutorial" messages, you will need to turn OFF Compatibility View.

Click here to access these tutorials.

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Quick Reference Guides

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Accessing Another Account in Outlook Web AccessOutlook Web Access9/29/2017309.66 KBDownload
Adding Archchicago Account to Outlook 2013/2016Outlook9/29/2017145.15 KBDownload
Adding Conference Room CalendarsOutlook9/29/2017430.79 KBDownload
Adding Other EMail Account to Outlook Web ClientOutlook Web Access9/29/2017677.75 KBDownload
Azure Password Reset RegistrationOutlook Web Access11/16/20171.11 MBDownload
Booking a Conference RoomOutlook9/29/2017548.94 KBDownload
Canon PrintersWindows9/29/2017830.23 KBDownload
Changing Display SettingsWindows9/29/20171.23 MBDownload
Creating a Contact GroupOutlook9/29/2017529.28 KBDownload
Exchange Online ProtectionOutlook/Outlook Web Access9/29/2017361.87 KBDownload
Mobile HotspotCell Phone9/29/2017160.75 KBDownload
Multiple MonitorsWindows9/29/2017182.99 KBDownload
Outlook 2013 Spam FilteringOutlook9/29/2017634.45 KBDownload
Outlook mobile configurationOutlook/Outlook Web Access9/29/2017326.93 KBDownload
Outlook Web Access - BasicsOutlook Web Access10/2/2017929.65 KBDownload
Outlook Web Access - Sending EMailOutlook Web Access10/2/2017830.59 KBDownload
Outlook Web Access Spam FilteringOutlook Web Access9/29/2017316.09 KBDownload
PDF Program AssociationWindows10/2/20173.26 MBDownload
PhishingSecurity10/2/201729.06 KBDownload
Scheduling MeetingsOutlook10/2/2017939.92 KBDownload
Sending as Another UserOutlook10/2/2017220.22 KBDownload
Sharing Your CalendarOutlook10/2/2017314.55 KBDownload
Touch ModeOffice10/2/2017182.22 KBDownload
Wireless ProjectorsWindows10/2/2017487.96 KBDownload