Online Training

Video tutorials from are available to Archdiocesan employees with active GroupWise accounts.

VTC has a huge library of tutorials covering a variety of products including Windows 7, GroupWise 8, and Office 2010 applications.

If you are using Internet Explorer and only get "Loading the tutorial" messages, you will need to turn OFF Compatibility View.

Click here to access these tutorials.

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New Courseware

Access 2010 for the End UserAccess2.15 MBDownload
Bomgar QuickStartBomgar453.24 KBDownload
Bomgar Support ClientBomgar4.08 MBDownload
Excel 2010 FunctionsExcel481.22 KBDownload
Excel 2010 IntroductionExcel2.14 MBDownload
GroupWise - Proxy (Handout)GroupWise219.00 KBDownload
GroupWise 2012 - Calendar and CollaborationGroupWise2.46 MBDownload
GroupWise 2012 - Conference RoomsGroupWise1.10 MBDownload
GroupWise 2012 IntroductionGroupWise2.14 MBDownload
Laptop Essentials 751.94 KBDownload
New User Training 928.45 KBDownload
Password Self-Service 541.31 KBDownload
PowerPoint 2010 GraphicsPowerPoint1.57 MBDownload
PowerPoint 2010 IntroductionPowerPoint2.23 MBDownload
Serv-U File Sharing Application 1.08 MBDownload
What's New in GroupWise 8GroupWise587.48 KBDownload
Windows 7 IntroductionWindows 72.58 MBDownload
Windows Upgrade 12.20 MBDownload
Windows Upgrade - Full 15.41 MBDownload
Word 2010 IntroductionWord1.70 MBDownload
Word 2010 Mail MergeWord634.86 KBDownload
Word 2010 TablesWord709.01 KBDownload

IT Training


Policies and Procedures

Training Classes

Several training classes are offered throughout the year at the Pastoral Center.  These classes primarily focus on the Microsoft Office suite of products and Novell GroupWise.

Most classes are open to ALL Archdiocesan employees (including school and parish employees).  All classes are provided AT NO COST, unless specified.

Occasionally, changes in software or procedures within the Pastoral Center Network may require mandatory training for all network users or a subset of users.  When mandatory training is required, several sessions will be made available.

Registration and the list of upcoming classes is available on the Training page of the IT website.

New User Training

All users who log into the Pastoral Center Network are required to attend New User Training.

New network users (full-time, temporary and volunteers) will be scheduled for New User Training by the Lead Training Coordinator.  This training is typically held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 1:30 - 4:00 PM.

Users should make every possible attempt to attend the earliest New User Training course.  In the event that a new user can't attend training at their scheduled time, call the IT Service Center so the instructor can accommodate the user's availability.

Failure to attend the training within the first 30-days of logging into our network may result in the termination of network access.